September 23, 2021

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced."

Release Highlights

Enhancements to the Lumavate Library

New and Updated Components + New Feature + New Starter Kits

IN SHORT: Three new Starter Kits are available, including an updated version of our most popular app template, Content. Three new Components give you more design options.

New Components + Feature

Side by Side Card
Place text next to an image in this card. Studio users can easily swap the image to appear on the left or right, as well as format the text style, alignment, and font size.

Available in v3.14.19 of the Ionic Layout Component Set.
Who knew a simple little line could make such a difference. Break up a page design with this new Component and select from three line styles: solid, dot, or dash. Studio users can set the line color and height.

Available in v3.14.19 of the Ionic Layout Component Set.
Sometimes we all just need a little space. Add this new Component to any page to provide added padding between Components, or add a buffer to the end of a Page when using the FAB for example. Yeah, you could add padding to Components, but with this handy Blank Component Studio users can easily add new Components and move the Blank Component around as needed.
Available in v3.14.19 of the Ionic Layout Component Set.
Email Authentication Feature
We improved this valuable Feature to make it easier for Studio users to set up email authentication in apps.
Available in v3.14.15 of the Email Authentication Feature Set.

Updated Components

Card Components
All of the Card Components have been updated to include provide Studio users with more text formatting options. With this upgrade, users can style text (bold, italic), alignment, and font size. This upgrade affects the following Card Components: Card Carousel, Card: Avatar, Card: Expandable, Card: Expanded Avatar, Card: Image, Card: Square Avatar, Card: Standard, Card: Text Only, Double Card: Image, and Double Card: Standard.
Available in v3.14.15 of the Email Authentication Feature Set.

Starter Kits: New Possibilities

You’ll find three new Starter Kits you can copy into your Studio and one 
  • ABM Campaign: Make a lasting impression on your target accounts. Give them a personalized app experience that demonstrates your value and invites a conversation. Studio users can enhance the app by adding Email Authentication, ensuring only you and your prospects can see the app’s content.
  • Content 2.0: We gave our most popular Starter Kit a makeover. This app reimagines how marketers can deliver a variety of content, from video and podcasts to blogs and infographics.
  • CPG Cosmetics: Whether you’re marketing a beauty brand or not, this app is for any CPG brand. Show off your entire brand line, promote influencer content, and give your customers what they want: exclusive content.

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