Managing Versions in App

Lumavate regularly updates items in the Lumavate Library including Pages, Features, and Component Sets. Studio Users have the ability to upgrade the Pages, Features, and Component Sets used in their digital experiences to the latest versions available at any time. 

Lumavate adheres to traditional numeric versioning that appears as X.Y.Z, which refers to major.minor.patch. Numbers are always assigned in increasing order and correspond to updates to the specific item in the Lumavate Library. This system ensures Studio Users clearly understand the release order of versions and can keep their digital experiences up-to-date.

Lumavate communicates all updates to Lumavate Library items via Release Notes

How to Upgrade to a New Version

Open a digital experience.
Click on Versioning under the Properties section
Click on the Arrow Wheel of the applicable Page, Feature, or Component Set. A modal will open allowing you to manually select the desired version from a list of available versions for that specific.
Click Change to complete the version change or Cancel to abandon the process.
Review the digital experience. Updating the version of any Page, Feature, or Component Set may cause changes to the digital experience's design.
Publish the digital experience to make the updates available to digital experience end users.

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