October 19, 2023

Component Updates

Lumavate continues to release Component updates that enable responsive designs. This week's release includes responsive enhancements to Avatar Carousel, List, Checklist, and Card Carousel. Within each Component Studio users can now add unlimited items to each Component and change how many appear in a row based on the screen size.

Available in Ionic Component Set v4.2.10

New Component Set

Two new Components are launching today: Product Calculator Button and Product Calculator List. Within a digital experience, the two Components work together to enable end users to calculate the total price of selected products.

The Product Calculator Button is placed on product detail pages within a digital experience. When end users select products using the button, those products are added to the Product Calculator List, which appears on another page within the digital experience.

The Product Calculator List Component shows all of the products added via the Product Calculator Button, displays pricing for each product, shows a total price, and allows the end user to edit the product quantity.

Available in Product Calculator Component Set v1.0.0

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