June 3, 2021

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

New Additions to the Lumavate Library

New Components + Starter Kits

  • Dropdown Navigation: Another way to help your users navigate an app. The compact design won’t dominate your page. App users can expand the dropdown to access a list of linked pages, both inside and outside of your app. 

This is part of the new App Navigation Component Set.

  • Checklist: Create anything from a task list to a shopping list in any app. Your app users can check off items at their own pace.

Available in v3.9.5 of the Ionic Layout Component Set. Update your existing apps to check it out. Or just start a brand new app!

How to Manage Versions in App.

Spiffy New Starter Kits

You’ll find four new Starter Kit app templates you can copy into your Studio...

  • Conference Exhibitor: Attract foot traffic to your conference or trade show booth. Give the people what they want; a self-guided product tour with the ability to interact on their terms.
  • Social Impact Report: Your company does nice things. Don’t just tell the world, rather show your charitable side with a multimedia experience.
  • Capital Campaign: Engage the community in the public phase of your campaign. Recognize donors, explain how funds will be used, and create a centralized communications channel.
  • Spokesperson Profile: This is for the PR pro on your team - they’ll get it. Help your next pitch stand out by showing off your spokesperson’s capabilities. Highlight their resume, past interviews, and areas of expertise.

...and one new Premium Starter Kit that can be requested by contacting our Support Team:

  • Office Building Navigation: Guide visitors around your office building or a sprawling campus. The app gives them turn-by-turn directions, allows them to save their parking location, and can even help them get directions to your office.

Check out these Starter Kits and more in our App Gallery.

New On-Demand Training Videos

Quick tips and helpful hints: Our on-demand video library is here whenever you need it.

Platform Enhancements + More

It’s the little things that make a big difference, no? In the coming weeks, you’ll start to notice a more personalized experience guiding you through your Studio. 

Our team also introduced a new Component and Feature Gallery on Lumavate.com with the ability to easily filter by Use Case. This means you can explore all the functionality Lumavate has to offer in one place.

Catch up on all that’s new with Lumavate in one of our live training webinars. Check out our full Events calendar.

Check out the video below to learn even more about what’s included in this release!

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