Spokesperson Profile Starter Kit

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Get the media's attention and secure interviews for your spokesperson with a dynamic app! Showcase all their talents and experience in one place.

Add this Starter Kit to your Studio

When creating a new app in your Studio, click on the dropdown under Create App from Starter Kit to select which Starter Kit you want to add.

What’s Included

This five-page app is designed to showcase your Spokesperson and all they have to offer. 

  • Home - Introduce your Spokesperson to your users with this homepage. Easily upload a picture and format their bio using the Rich Text Component.  Use the Calendly FAB to make it easy to connect. 

  • About - Share about the company your Spokesperson represents. Show off all your content on this page by embedding a YouTube video for an engaging way to connect with users.   

  • CV - Tell users why they want to engage with your Spokesperson by easily displaying their CV on this page. The Rich Text Component makes it easy to format a clean resume. 

  • News - Keep current with all the news surrounding your Spokesperson. The use of the Card Component makes images and bodies of text pop. 

  • Podcast - Your Spokesperson is dynamic, so show it off! Use this page to showcase all they have to offer like hosting a Podcast. Embed Spotify right into the app so users can get to your Spokesperson's voice without leaving the app.

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