August 10, 2023

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

Today’s release is all about responsive design. Lumavate is giving Studio users more responsive design options with enhancements to Page Builder and Components.

Page Builder Update

We removed the Number Of Columns property in the newest version of Page Builder due to our responsiveness updates. After updating a digital experience that has the Number Of Columns property value set to greater than 1, the design of the digital experience will be affected. Studio users are advised to review the digital experience after making the update and make any necessary design changes before publishing.

Available in Page Builder v6.3.6

Component Enhancements

The Placement properties across all Components have been automatically updated as a result of the responsiveness enhancements. We removed Column Start, Column Span, Alignment, Vertical Alignment, and Display Mode.

Deprecated Components

We are saying goodbye to several design elements as a result of our responsive design updates. Lumavate will no longer support three Components within the Ionic Component Set: Button: Double; Double Card: Standard; and Double Card: Image. Customers are advised to remove these Components from their digital experiences. With the enhanced responsive design options, Studio users can swap these Components for other Button or Card Components.

Button Components

When you upgrade to the latest Ionic Component Set, you will see some powerful new properties within your Button Components. Your original Button settings will appear as the Primary Button and you’ll have the option of adding up to three more Buttons that can appear side-by-side or stacked, depending on your settings and your user’s screen size.

This enhanced functionality is available in the four Button Components: Clear; Double Icon; Outline; and Solid. The Primary Button will be styled according to the Button type selected. Additional Buttons can be styled as any of the four Button types.

Card Components

After upgrading to the latest Ionic Component Set, your Card Components will have the option to add an unlimited number of additional cards. When Cards are grouped within a single Card Component they will be fully responsive. Based on the end user’s screen size, Cards will appear next to each other and wrap, creating a seamless user experience.

This enhanced functionality is available in the 11 Card Components: Avatar; Expandable; Expanded Avatar; Image; Side by Side; Square Avatar; Standard; Text Only; Flashcard: Image; Flashcard: Standard; and Flashcard: Text. Additional Cards will have the same styling options as the Card type selected.

Available in Ionic Component Set v4.1.1

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