Managing Studio Users

Studio User information is logged and managed within the Admin section of the Studio, under Users. Here, all Studio users' information is stored: email address, role, and status. You will see a Studio User shown as under this area as well, so that the Lumavate Customer Support Team can help your team succeed when specific questions are asked, consulting is needed or problems arise. Only Studio Administrators can manage Studio Users. 

Types of Users

There are two types of users in the Lumavate Studio: Administrators and Collaborators. 
Collaborator Administrator
Build and Edit Apps X X
Publish Apps X X
Delete Apps X X
Create Activations X X
View Analytics X X
Manage Users X
Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Adding Studio Users

Click the person icon on the left sidebar of the screen. 
Click Admin towards the bottom of the listing. 
Click Users in the left-hand column. Click on the + icon, located in the bottom right of the screen.
In the Invite User screen:
  • User Name - New Studio User’s name.
  • User Email Address - New Studio User’s email address. This is the email address they will use to authenticate their account.
  • Role - Select from the dropdown menu, whether the new Studio User will be an Administrator or Collaborator.
Click Save to invite the new Studio User. Click Cancel to abandon adding the new Studio User.

New Studio Users will receive an email invitation, letting them know they’ve been added to the Studio and asking them to verify their account. About Logging for the First Time.

If a user had access to another Lumavate Studio or Command Center (based on email address), they will receive an email notification stating they’ve been added to another Studio. The next time they log in, they will see the new Studio in their dropdown menu and have access based on the permissions granted. 

Deleting Studio Users

Click the person icon on the left sidebar of the screen. 
Click Admin towards the bottom of the listing. Click on Users in the left-hand column.
Click on the Delete icon on the far right, next to the user’s name. An alert window will appear.
Click OK to confirm deleting the user’s profile. This change is immediate.

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