Publishing an App

To 'Publish' an app means to make an app available via the app’s activations. Whether publishing an app for the first time or publishing edits to an app, Studio Users must hit the Publish button for changes to appear in the live app. 

Open the app to be published.
Click the Publish button, located in the bottom right corner of the screen. A green Publish button indicates there are unpublished changes. An alert window will appear asking to confirm the action. Note: If there are no changes to be published, the button will appear in grey and cannot be clicked.
In the alert window, Studio Users have the option of inputting comments regarding the publication, such as what changes were made and their name. The comment box is optional and there is no limit on the amount of text allowed.
Click Publish to immediately make the app live. Click Cancel to abandon the process.

Watch: How to Publish Your App

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