Wayfinder Components

The Wayfinding Component Set allows Studio Users to create an app with navigation functionality, enabling app users to access turn-by-turn directions of a building or large campus.

The Wayfinding Component Set works in conjunction with the Wayfinder Feature. The Wayfinding Component Set includes four Wayfinder Components: 

  1. Directions - Allows app users to see turn-by-turn directions, as well as reverse directions. App users can also change the starting and or ending location from this Component.
  2. Directory - Provides app users with a list of available destinations and descriptions of each location. The Directory list is created based on the locations and descriptions added to the map in the Wayfinder Feature.
  3. Navigation Box - Allows app users to select the starting and ending location. 
  4. Remember Location - Studio users can configure the parking options available to visitors. App users can then select their parking location, including the garage floor, and save it.

When creating a Wayfinder App, it is recommended that Studio Users create the following Pages with Wayfinder Components:

  1. Home Page with Navigation Box Component. 
  2. Directions Page with Directions Component
  3. Directory Page with Directory Component
  4. Parking Page with Remember Location Component

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