Managing App Properties

Each app in the Studio has its own App Properties section the controls basic information about the app.

Pro Tip: Complete the App Properties section when the app is first created.


Activations are how people access an app. Based on the Text Activation Keyword, the Studio automatically generates four unique activations for each app: QR Code, Text, URL, and Near-field Communication (NFC).

  • The QR Code can be downloaded by tapping the Down Arrow icon.
  • To copy the NFC link, click on the Copy NFC button and it will be copied to the clipboard.
  • To copy the URL, click on the Copy URL button and it will be copied to the clipboard.

App Settings

Within App Settings, Studio Users can change the Text Activation keyword, which App Collection an app is stored in, and determine if a redirect is set up for the app.

  • App Name - This is a required field. This name is for Studio use only, appearing in App Collections. This name is not exposed to users of the published app. The App Name can be edited after the app is created.The App Name must be 35 characters or less. 
  • Description - This is an optional field. It is intended to provide Studio Users with additional detail about the app. The description is not exposed to users of the published app. The description can be edited after the app is created.
  • Text Activation Keyword - This is a required field. It is the keyword used for the app’s text activation. It is the foundation for the app’s activations: the keyword sets the text activation, appends the app’s link activation, and creates a unique QR Code tied to the appended link activation. While the text activation keyword can be edited at any time, it will cause the original activations to no longer work.
    • The keyword is limited to a combination of 16 lowercase letters and numbers. Symbols are not supported in the keyword and keywords cannot start with a number. 
    • The keyword must be unique from other text activation keywords used by other apps within the Studio. If a keyword already in use is entered, an error message will appear.
    • Note: Free Plan accounts are assigned a randomized keyword that cannot be edited. You’ll need to upgrade your subscription to a paid plan to gain access to create a custom text activation keyword. 
  • App Collection - The field will be defaulted to whichever App Collection was selected upon clicking the green circle with the + icon. To select a different App Collection, click on the dropdown menu to see all App Collections. The app can be moved to another App Collection after the app is created.
  • Default Device - This sets which preview type will be the default view while creating the app. The field will be defaulted to Phone. To select a different default device view, click on the dropdown menu and select from Phone, Tablet, or Desktop. Pro Tip: Consider your unique use case and how people are likely to interact with and activate the app. Apps built in the Studio will work across all device types, but seeing the design in the predominant version helps to optimize the UI/UX.
  • Redirect URL - This is an optional field. Enter in any valid URL to instantly redirect app users to that domain. They will not see the app content. This feature takes effect immediately and does not require you to Publish the app. Deleting a redirect URL immediately removes the redirect, allowing users to access the app content.

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