Adding a Page to an App

Pages enable Studio Users to design the page layout through the addition of Components. There are two types of Page Types: Home and Normal. The Home Page lays down the web app manifest. Each app can only have one Home Page. All other Page Types in the app are set to Normal.

Open the app you want to edit.
Click on + sign located in the top left of the screen.
Under the Pages section, select +NEW PAGE. This will add a new Page to the app.
Click the Pencil Icon next to the Page that was just added to the app. This will open the Page.
Complete the Overview section in Page Properties right panel.
  • Name - This will be the name of the page. Users will be able to see the name of pages when the page is added to a menu.
  • Page Type - The options are Home or Normal. Home will act as your Home screen for the app. Normal will be any additional pages in the app.
Click the green + icon to add any applicable Component to the Page.
Click Save at the top of the left panel to save the Page and go back to the main app screen.

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