June 20, 2024

Platform Enhancements

List of Digital Experiences and Pages

Studio users will now see a list of digital experiences upon logging in. The status of each digital experience is displayed. To edit a digital experience, Studio users click the edit pencil located to the far right of the digital experience name.

New view of digital experiences in the Lumavate Studio.

Customize Page Slugs

Studio users can also now customize the page slugs of existing pages. When creating a new digital experience or adding a new page, a customized page slug will be required. The Home page of each digital experience automatically sets a customized page slug tied to the original text activation. However, a Home page slug can be changed.

Studio users can set custom page slugs.

Manage Redirects

Within the newly added Redirects section, found in Admin, Super Admins can set up redirects. Redirects can only be set up for a domain or subdomain tied to the Studio, and they can take users to any Lumavate hosted page or external URL.

With Redirects, Super Admins can assign the delegated Studio domain to direct users to a specific digital experience or page within a digital experience. For example, a Studio with the delegated subdomain of apps.company.com could have a redirect that takes users who hit that subdomain to apps.company.com/productguide, enabling users to explore the company's product guide.

Super Admins can add redirects in the Admin section of the Studio.

Updated Page Builder and App Builder

The new versions of Page Builder and App Builder provide significant enhancements to digital experiences. Studio users who upgrade digital experiences to Page Builder v6.4.1 and App Builder v4.2.1 will see:

  • A new PREVIEW CHANGES button appear when editing a page in a digital experience. This enables Studio users to quickly click the button and open a new tab displaying a preview of the page in a test link.
  • A new IFRAME button when editing a page in a digital experience. This enables Studio users to copy just the iframe code of a single page, which can then be embedded on a corporate website or landing page, for example. On older versions of Page Builder and App Builder Studio users can only copy the iframe code for an entire digital experience.

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