February 1, 2024

Component Updates

Content List

We really goosed the performance of this Component. In the updated version you'll find:

  • A new multi-select property called Content Source to Display. This allows the Studio User to select from Documents, Images, Audio, and Video to determine what files appear in the Content List.
  • A Hidden Filters property was added. It works the same as Hidden Filters in other data-driven components, enabling Studio Users to set dynamic parameters for what files are displayed based on their unique data set.
  • A new property for Tag Styling. Allows Studio User to toggle on/off the ability to display tags in the Content List Component and style the Tags (i.e. Text Style, Bold, Italics, Alignment)

Available in Content Component Set v2.1.18

Product Calculator List and Product Calculator Button

You'll now find the contextual help icon is available in both Components.

Available in Product Calculator Component Set v1.0.2

Item Detail and Side by Side

Both Component can now display the price data field and date/time data fields from Products or Locations.

Available in Data Component Set v1.2.11


We fixed a bug to ensure special characters display in additional cards.

Available in Ionic Component Set v4.2.12

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