December 14, 2023

New Components

Content List

You can now create brand portals, resource centers, and a knowledge base with Lumavate. Studio users can store digital assets in Lumavate's digital asset management (DAM) solution. Using this new Content List Component those digital assets can be shared in a digital experience with employees, partners, dealers, and retailers.


Use this new Component to add a video hosted in Lumavate Content to a digital experience. Studio users can store video files in Lumavate Content. Those videos can then be used in any digital experience by adding the Video Component to a page.

Available in the Content Component Set v2.1.8.

PIM Enhancements

Product Test ID

It's now easier to design digital experiences with your product data. Each product record in the Lumavate PIM now has a Lumavate ID, which can be used as the test ID to visualize how the product data will appear in a digital experience, such as a product detail page or product catalog.

Mark Default Data Fields Inactive

Lumavate provides several default data fields in each product record of the PIM. Studio users can now mark those fields as inactive, offering you more control over your product data.

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