August 24, 2023

Platform Enhancements


Managing products in the Lumavate PIM just got a whole lot simpler. Within Products, Studio users can now search for any keywords used in the headline or subheadline of products, as well as filter products based on unique attributes. The Filter is automatically updated as new Checkbox, Dropdown, and Multiselect data types are added to the Product Type.


When more than 100 items are stored in Images, Products, or Forms, Studio users will now see a navigation bar along the bottom, enabling them to easily scroll through all available pages. This enhancement makes it easier for Studio users to manage assets stored in Lumavate.

Component Updates

Data Components

Studio users now have more options to customize how and what product data is displayed in any digital experience. The Components Data List, Related Products, and Dynamic Table have been updated to include Hidden Filters:

  • Studio users can now restrict what products appear in digital experiences by setting hidden filters when configuring product lists in the three Components. Hidden filters can be set up with three data types: Checkbox, Dropdown, and Multiselect. There is an OR relationship between different hidden filters and an AND relationship within Multiselect. This means digital experiences can be created that show a subset of products stored within a single Product Type. For example, an appliance manufacturer could create a landing page displaying just side-by-side refrigerators.

Available in Data Component Set v1.1.2

Ionic Components

A transparent “color” option will now appear across all Components within the Ionic Component Set. This small update means Studio users can deselect colors when creating digital experiences.

Available in Ionic Component Set v4.1.2

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