July 27, 2023

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

Platform Enhancements

Set Custom Product Headline and Subheadline in the PIM

Managing product data just got even easier. In the Lumavate PIM, Studio users can now select which data fields are used as the headline and subheadline that will appear in the Product Type listing. This means Studio users can more quickly scan the list and find the right product record they need to edit. Product Name will most commonly be used as the headline. For the subheadline, Studio users may consider using a custom data field, such as Region, Size, Horsepower, or Rating to differentiate between similar products.

Product Type Name Updates

We updated the Product Type name field to allow customers to edit the name and use special characters. 

Data Field Name Updates

Custom data fields can now include special characters* (including asterisks, parenthesis, apostrophes, hyphens, slashes, dashes, and percentage symbols.) Basically, if you hit the shift key to enter it, we support it. 

*Sorry, no emojis.

New Default Data Fields

We’re enhancing the power of your product data by adding four new default data fields to the Lumavate PIM. Obsolete Checkbox, Obsolete Date, Product Launch Date, and Active Checkbox enable you to better manage the status of each product.

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