June 22, 2023

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Component Enhancements

Data Component Set

All three Components - Data List, Dynamic Table, and Related Items - are now easier to configure. In the updated version the Parameter Value field is prepopulated based on your connected data source.

Available in Data Component Set to v0.0.6.

Favorite Component Set

The Favorite Button Component now has a Border Radius field, which gives you more styling options. We also updated the Favorite List Component to make it responsive. This means that with the updated version, your list of favorite items will split into columns based on the user's screen size. This enhancement makes for a better user experience and makes your digital experiences look slick!

Available in Favorite Component Set to v1.0.31.

The Favorite List Component will dynamically update to multiple columns based on the user's screen size.

Platform Updates

To remove friction when publishing your digital experiences, we’ve added messaging alerting Studio users of an error when trying to publish a digital experience without a Home page type.

Within this pop-up, Studio users can easily select their desired home page from an existing page within their digital experience and seamlessly publish.

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