App Collections

App Collections are like folders, helping keep your apps organized. Whether you have one app or 20, you will need to create an App Collection before you can begin building your first app. Each app created in a Studio will be organized within an App Collection. There is no limit on the number of App Collections allowed within a Studio. They are sorted alphabetically.Use Case Example: App Collections help organizations with multiple brands and/or products organize apps accordingly. A CPG company, for example, with four brand lines could create four App Collections named Brand A, Brand B, Brand C, and Brand D. Within each App Collection, Brand A may have a consumer-facing app for how to use a product; an app for internal employee communications; and a marketing campaign app. 

Pro Tip: From the Apps tab, use the ‘Search Apps’ bar at the top of the page to search for a specific app across all App Collections.

Types of Apps Within Collections

There are four color coded app statuses within an App Collection: Draft, Editing, Published, and Empty. 

  • Draft: Work done within the app - some content has been added - but the app has never been published
  • Editing: Changes have been made to a published app, but those updates have not been published.
  • Published: An app is live and there are no unpublished changes.
  • Empty: A new app has been added to an App Collection, but no content has been added to the app. It is completely empty.

How to Create an App Collection

Click on the + icon next to App Collections, located in the left hand column. A model window will appear.
Enter in the name of the new App Collection. The name must be 35 characters or less.
Click Create to add the collection. Click Cancel to abandon the process.
Once the App Collection is created, it will appear alphabetically in the left hand column. After the first App Collection is created a green circle with the + icon will appear in the bottom right of the Studio, allowing Studio Users to create an app. 
Pro Tip: When creating new apps, click on the App Collection the app should be stored in before clicking the green circle with the + icon, as apps will be saved to the App Collection selected when this action is taken. Apps can be easily moved between App Collections. About Managing App Properties.

Editing App Collection Names

App Collections can be easily renamed at any time.

Click on an App Collection in the left hand column.
Click on the Pencil icon that appears in the far right of the screen. A model window will appear.
Edit the App Collection name. The name must be 35 characters or less.
Click Create to add the App Collection. Click Cancel to abandon the process.

Moving Apps Between App Collections

Apps can be easily moved between App Collections of the same Studio.

Open the app to be moved.
Click on App Properties and expand App Settings.
Click on the dropdown menu under App Collection and select from the list of existing Collections. This change is immediate.

Deleting App Collections

App Collections can only be deleted if they contain no apps.

Click on the App Collection to be deleted in the left hand column.
Click on the Trashcan icon located to the far right of the screen. If there are apps in the App Collection, the Trashcan icon will appear greyed-out. All apps in the App Collection must be deleted or moved before an App Collection can be deleted.
An alert window will appear asking to confirm the deletion.
Click Yes to complete the App Collection deletion. ClickNo to abandon the process.

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