June 8, 2023

"Obstacles don't block the path, they are the path."

Data Visualization Enhancements

Data List

We renamed and reorganized the Data List properties to make configuring this data visualization Component more intuitive. We also changed it so you can write a custom No Results Found Message, for those times users select product filters that remove all possible options.

Related Items

Added Loading Indicator for when the end user tries to load more products

Available in the Data Component Set v 0.0.62

Collapsible Menu

This Component now has spacing properties that allow you to set the elbow room between your menu items.

Available in Ionic Component Set 3.29.4

Platform Enhancements

Text to Join

Building a text messaging program just got infinitely easier! With Text to Join your customers, partners, employees, or any audience group can opt-in to receive text messages from your brand by simply texting a keyword. Lumavate takes care of the rest. Text to Join is found in the Messaging section of your Studio. Contact the Lumavate Support team to learn how to get your text messaging program off the ground quickly.

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