May 25, 2023

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

New Studio Functionality

Branding Update

You can now add HTML code to the head tag of any digital experience. This means you can add things like Google Search Console code or a Google Analytics tracking code to each digital experience. To take advantage of this new functionality, upgrade your experiences to v4.1.3 of App Builder and upgrade to v6.3.4 of Page Builder.

Available in App Builder Branding v4.1.3

Control SEO Indexing

Want Google to index your digital experiences? More users can find your content if you take advantage of our new Page Builder functionality. Upgrade to control which pages of your digital experiences are indexed.

Available in Page Builder v6.3.4

New Eversana Component and Feature

The Eversana Feature and Component work together, allowing your end users to request a savings card via download, email, text, or save to a mobile wallet.

Data Visualization Enhancements

New Related Items Component

This versatile Component provides more data visualization options. Display a collapsible list of products stored within Lumavate’s product information management (PIM) solution. Or use it on a product details page to show related accessories, parts, or similar items. This allows your customers to discover more products and increase.

Updated Dynamic Table Component

We renamed and reorganized the Dynamic Table properties to make configuring this robust Component more intuitive.

Available in the Data Component Set v 0.0.52

Platform Enhancements

Text Editor Default Changes

Adding text to a Component just got easier. We reset the default on every Component with a Rich Text or Plain Text property to the text editor, rather than selecting text from Content.

Added Null Value to Dropdown Data Type

Within Lumavate’s PIM, when a Dropdown Data Type is added to a product, the default selection will be set to null.

Added a Save Prompt After Editing a Product Record

After editing a product record in the Lumavate PIM, Studio users will now see an alert pop-up prompting them to save or discard the changes before exiting the page.

Platform Speed Enhancements

We’ve made performance enhancements to the Studio. Now, new Components will be added to Pages quicker, making it even faster to build digital experiences!

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