May 11, 2023

“It’s not resources, but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.”

Table Builder Enhancements

Add and Edit Records

Table Builder received several updates in this week’s release including the ability to add and edit a record which is ideal for times when you want to quickly add a new record or quickly edit information without needing to upload a new CSV file. 

New Data Field Type

We’ve added a Date & Time data field to Form Builder. Now the date and time captured will be stored in a single data field and it can detect the user’s time zone.

New Interstitial Button Component

This Component looks just like the Button: Double Component but it offers the ability to add logic based on a digital experience user's actions. The Interstitial Button Component lets you toggle on whether the buttons will show up one time, or every time the page loads. This information is stored for the user’s entire web session. This Component is useful when alerting your digital experience users that they are leaving your domain, requesting them to fill out a survey, or any other one-time call-to-action you may want to appear.

Available in the App Navigation Component Set v 1.7.21

Updated Side by Side Component

The Side by Side Component received an update to support responsive design when creating digital experiences. Now you can customize the width of the elements in the Component as well as allow for images to open in a new tab when linked.

Dynamic Data Table Component Updates

The Dynamic Data Table was updated to allow users to easily page between records.

Available in the Data Component Set v 0.0.44

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