Supported Languages

Lumavate enables Studio Users to provide translations for up to 12 languages in their apps. Translation content is entered by Studio Users when building an app in Properties.

Properties are the areas within the app that can be edited and updated. These include App Properties, Feature Properties, Component Properties, and Page Properties. Properties can include items such as a headline in a Card Component, Footer Menu Text, or the SMS in the SMS Feature. In Properties, Studio Users see the option to input translations for all of the languages turned on for the Studio.
Below are the languages currently supported by Lumavate.
  1. English
  2. Spanish (Mexico)
  3. French
  4. Chinese
  5. German
  6. Japanese
  7. Russian
  8. Hindi
  9. Korean
  10. Italian
  11. Portugese
  12. Spanish

Note: The Studio does not create translations, nor validate their accuracy.

How to Enable Languages in Studio

Click on Admin.
Click on Language Settings.
Click on the Pencil icon.
Check or uncheck the languages you want to make available to Studio Users. Languages currently in use within an app will be greyed-out and cannot be unchecked.
Click Save to apply the changes. Click Cancel to abandon the changes.

How to Add Translated Content

Studio Users can add translations for languages that have been enabled in the Studio. Within Properties where translations are supported, language abbreviations will appear in circles. Studio Users click on each language abbreviation to enter the translated copy into the property.
A device’s native language setting determines what translations appear in a user’s view of the app. If no translations are set up and the entire app is in the default language of English, then only the English version will appear in the live app, regardless of the device’s native language setting.

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