April 28, 2022

"I never dreamed about success; I worked for it."

Enhancements to the Lumavate Library

New Components

Favorite Button
With this Component on a Page, app users can mark it as a favorite. A list of a user's favorite Pages populates in the Favorite List Component. 

Favorite List
Your app users can see a personalized list of their favorite Pages. This is helpful for product apps, letting customers curate a shopping list. Or, in an event app attendees can save a list of sessions to attend.

The Favorite List and Favorite Button Components are part of the Favorite Component Set.

Platform Enhancements

New Studio Navigation
Have you seen the updated Studio? Upon logging into your Studio you will immediately notice that the navigation has moved to the left-hand side. (Psst it's because we've got a lot of powerful new functionality rolling out this year and we need more space.)

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