March 17, 2022

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Enhancements to the Lumavate Library

New Component

IN SHORT: Your forms can now capture uploads. Users can upload images and files, like vaccination cards or a resume and cover letter.

New Component

Form Field: File Upload
Imagine you have a job application form and you want applicants to upload their cover letter and resume. Or, you are providing customer support and need your customers to submit an image of an issue or damage when they log an issue. Forms created in Form Builder can use the new File Upload Form Component to enable app users to upload a variety of file types, including PDF, Image, Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. Studio Users can also restrict which file types they want to allow their app users to upload, giving you even more control over your apps!

Platform Enhancements

Table Builder
If you're going to start allowing app users to upload files, you need to make sure those files are properly stored in Lumavate's Data section. Now, Studio Users will see a new data type, called File. The captures uploads from a Form using the Form Field: File Upload Component.

Coming Soon
Now you can see what new functionality will be available in future releases. Within the Content section, our team will highlight items as Coming Soon so you can plan to take advantage of all that Lumavate has to offer.

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