March 3, 2022

"Be so good they can't ignore you."

Enhancements to the Lumavate Library

New + Updated Components

IN SHORT: Creating forms just got a whole lot faster and with the new Avatar Component you have a new way to create app navigation or display feature product images.

New Component

Avatar Carousel
This new Component creates a carousel of avatar images in your app to use as app navigation, displaying photos of team members or event speakers, or featuring your products.

Available in v3.20.0 of the Ionic Layout Component Set

Update to Components

Solid, Outline, and Clear Buttons
We've exposed more properties on our four Button Components to provide you with more control and consistency in your app design.

Available in v3.20.0 of the Ionic Layout Component Set

New On-Demand Training Video

Documents Overview
Upload a file once and add it to as many apps you need with Documents. Documents supports four file types: PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Document.

Platform Enhancements

Form Builder
We've made significant improvements to form building so you can build forms even faster. You'll notice that you can quickly add multiple Form Components and change Form Properties while seeing all of those changes happen in real-time without any delay.

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