February 17, 2022

"If it's important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

Enhancements to Lumavate 

IN SHORT: Add images once to your Studio and add them to any app. A new Starter Kit lets anyone quickly create a wayfinding app for a building or large campus.

Platform Enhancement

Can you picture it? Well, now you truly can. We've added Images to the Content section. Now, files including .JPG, .SVG, and .PNG can be stored and easily added to any app in the same Studio. Updates made to an image file will automatically appear in any app using that image. Studio Users will notice that any Component with an Image, now has the option of uploading an image or choosing one from Content.

Component Link Property
All Components with a Link property have been updated. We made it easier for Studio Users to select whether they want to link to another Page or External URL, or to Content from Documents.

New Starter Kit

Guide your visitors around a single building or throughout a sprawling campus. The Wayfinder Starter Kit app consists of the Wayfinder Feature and Wayfinder Components. It's ready for you to customize with your building or campus map. Learn How to Set Up A Wayfinder App.

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