October 7, 2021

“Nothing will work unless you do."

Enhancements to the Lumavate Library

New Components + Platform Enhancements + On-Demand Videos
IN SHORT: Several new on-demand help videos are out in this release. They are geared towards guiding Studio Users through managing their accounts and setting up some of the more intricate Components in apps.

New Components

Popup Navigation
Help your app users easily navigate through your app or to external pages. A menu of links pops up over your page design.

Available in  v3.14.19 of the Ionic Layout Component Set.
Marketo Form
Embed any Marketo Form seamlessly into your apps with this new Component.
Available in  v1.0.8 of the Forms Component Set.

New On-Demand Training Videos

Quick tips and helpful hints: Our on-demand video library is here whenever you need it.

Platform Enhancements

Add the new Lumavate Platform Status Page to your list of bookmarks. You can monitor the status of the Lumavate platform and third-party integrations. 

Never Stop Learning

Catch up on all that’s new with Lumavate in one of our live training webinars. Check out our full Events calendar.

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