Managing Features

Features are often used for managing the data-driven portion of apps, such as storing data from a form submission or integrating with a CRM. Features also can be used to integrate with third-party applications such as Twilio for sending SMS or Amazon Simple Email Service for triggering email notifications. Features are only included on Paid Subscription Plans.

Command Center Administrators determine which Features are shared with a Studio. Command Center Administrators cannot revoke a Studio’s access to a Feature if the Studio has an existing app using the Feature.

Understanding Feature Details

Command Center users can track how many apps are using a Feature, when the Feature was last modified, and its version history. 

  • Total # of Apps - Number of apps across all Studios under this Command Center using the Feature. This includes apps in all stages: Draft, Editing, Published, and Empty. 
  • Total Running Versions - Number of versions of the Feature used by Published Apps across all Studio under this Command Center. 
  • Current Version - The most current version of the Feature available to the Command Center.

Managing Studio Access to a Feature

Click on Features in the left panel.
Click on the Feature.
Click on the Pencil Icon in the Sharing section. A modal window will open and display all Studios available under the Command Center. A checked checkbox indicates the Studios with access to the Feature. A Studio with a checkbox greyed-out indicates an app is currently using the Feature so access cannot be revoked.
Click the Checkbox next to the Studio to share or unshare the Feature with that specific Studio.
Click Save to make changes or Cancel to abandon the changes.

Note: If a Studio is greyed-out indicating access cannot be revoked, then all apps using the Feature must be deleted before access can be revoked. 

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