CPG Cosmetics Starter Kit

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Keep your customers engaged with your brand with the CPG Cosmetics Starter Kit. 

Add this Starter Kit to your Studio

When creating a new app in your Studio, click on the dropdown under Create App from Starter Kit to select which Starter Kit you want to add.

What’s Included

This ten-page app is designed to give you customers all of the information, tips and tricks to get the most out of your product all while connecting them to fellow users. 

  • Home - The home page is designed to catch your customers' eye and lead them to all of the important information they are looking for. The Simple Survey Popup will help get real-time feedback from your users to help you make your products better. 

  • About - Show off what makes your brand special with the About Page. Outline your company values and answer frequently asked questions using Expandable Cards.  

  • Eyes - Give users the inspiration they are looking for with the Eyes Page. By breaking down product types users can more quickly zero in on the information they want. 

  • Facebook - Embed the brand's Facebook page right into the app! This gives users quick inspiration and connects them to influencers and fellow users. 

  • Instagram - Show off the content you already have with the Instagram Page. Stacking multiple Instagram Components helps the page feel like your brand's Instagram profile.

  • Lips - Answer the questions your users are looking for with the broken-out product type pages, like the Lips page. The Card Carousel Component provides a quick reference to the products your users want to recreate their favorite look. 

  • Skin - Make sharing exclusive tips and tricks easier with the Skin Page. Embed a YouTube video to showcase how to best use your products.  

  • Tips -  Keep all of the exclusive content together on the Tips Page. Link your users to detailed information and embed YouTube videos to show them how others are using your products. 

  • Twitter - Keep users in the loop with the Twitter Page. Embed your Twitter feed right into your app or use the hashtag button to get the conversation going. 

  • YouTube - Give your users a one-stop-shop for all your video content with the YouTube Page. Embed all your favorite videos in your app so users won't get lost in a sea on links!

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