Hospital Navigation Starter Kit

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Help users navigate their way from point A to B and various other locations within the Hospital with the Hospital Navigation Starter Kit. This Starter Kit uses the Wayfinder Feature. 

Add this Starter Kit to your Studio

When creating a new app in your Studio, click on the dropdown under Create App from Starter Kit to select which Starter Kit you want to add.

What’s Included

This five-page app is designed to guide patrons through a hospital making their visit easier. 

  • Home - The home page is designed to begin the visit on the right foot. Users are welcomed into the app by the Wayfinder Feature asking them to enter their to and from locations. The Wayfinder Feature will then provide the fastest route to follow. 

  • Directions- The Directions page provides step-by-step instructions for the user to navigate their way to their destination. Users can either see instructions in the Step-by-Step format which will provide pictures of each checkpoint. Or they can use the List View which will showcase instructions in a list format accompanied by pictures.  

  • Directory - The Directory page helps users familiarize themselves with the locations they may need to navigate. Each location listed is accompanied by a description of the space and a picture to help users know they are in the right place.

  • Map - Assistance doesn't have to begin when the users in on campus, the Map page helps users before they even arrive. The Google Maps Location Component provides a map for users to know where your campus is located.  

  • Parking- Take navigation assistance one step further with the Parking Page. This page allows users to save their parking location for easy reference when they are headed to their car. 

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