July 29, 2021

"Do. Or do not. There is no try."

Release Highlights

New Additions to the Lumavate Library

New Components + Updated Components + Starter Kits

New Components:

Simple Survey 

Take a quick pulse of your app user’s satisfaction. Ask them to give their feedback and capture all of it in the Data Store.

Available in v1.0.20 of the Survey Component Set. 
To collect user feedback data, Studio users must have the Data Store Feature.

Updated Components

  • Toast - We added a toggle button so you can opt to have the linked button open in a new tab.

Available in v3.11.38 of the Ionic Layout Component Set.

  • Expanded Avatar Card and Avatar Card - Studio users now have a lot more formatting options for the text properties in each Component. With this upgrade, users can set the font size, styling and alignment, as well as adjust the card’s margins.

Available in v3.11.38 of the Ionic Layout Component Set.

  • Header Menu - Updated to increase the maximum number of items to 15 and improve the overall design of the flyout menu

Available in v3.11.38 of the Ionic Layout Component Set.
The Header with Menu updates also requires apps to use Page Builder v4.0.8

How to Manage Versions in App

Starter Kits: New Possibilities

You’ll find two new Starter Kits you can copy into your Studio...

  • Return to Work: Designed for companies that are returning employees to the workplace and need a centralized solution for communicating new policies, as well as collecting daily health checks.

Check out these Starter Kits and more in our App Gallery.

New On-Demand Training Videos

Quick tips and helpful hints: Our on-demand video library is here whenever you need it.

  • Options for Including VideoSee how easy it is to add a video to any app with YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard, and through social media, like TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Never Stop Learning

Catch up on all that’s new with Lumavate in one of our live training webinars. Check out our full Events calendar.

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