Text Overview

As you and your team create digital experiences, you’ll want to use the same content such as product description, company boilerplates, CTAs, and more in multiple experiences. 

Content from Text allows you to add text once, use it in multiple experiences, and ensure any edits made to this text are automatically updated across all experiences using it. When building a digital experience, any Component with text has the option of including Content from Text. 

Text Types

There are two types of Text you can use in your digital experiences, rich text, and plain text. 

Rich Text 

Rich Text is the most common type of Text used in the Studio. When using rich text, Studio Users can customize how they'd like the text to appear in one location. 

Plain Text

When adding plain text, Studio Users can add in their text and customize the appearance of the font in each digital experience. For example, if you want to create consistent call-to-action for buttons, you could add a new plain text with the CTA you want to display. 

Watch: How to Use Content from Text

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