Form Field: Checkbox

The Checkbox Form Field allows Studio Users to add a checkbox to a Form that an app end user can check or uncheck when submitting a Form. To use a Checkbox Form Field, a Column in the applicable Table must have the Data Type set to Checkbox.

Add a Checkbox to a Form

Login to the Studio and click Content.
Create a new Form using the Green Plus Sign or click on an existing Form.
Connect your Form to the applicable Connected Data Source and Table
Click on the Green Plus Sign and select the Checkbox Form Field.
Select the applicable Connected Data Field. The selected Connected Data Field must have the Data Type set to Checkbox in the Table. 
Input the applicable Properties for the Checkbox Form Field.
Add any other applicable Form Fields to the Form.
Click Publish once you're ready to make the Form available to Apps within the Studio.

Checkbox Form Field Properties

The Checkbox Form Field has the following properties:

  • Component Id - Sets the name of the Form Field Component in the app. The Component Id can be referenced using JavaScript to add more functionality to the app as needed.

    Pro Tip: It is a best practice to use only letters without spaces for the Component Id. Symbols, spaces, and numbers are not recommended.
  • Connected Data Field - Select the Connected Data Field from the dropdown. Columns must be set up previously in the Connected Data Source in Table Builder to appear in this list. 
  • Label Text - Sets the text that appears next to the Form Field. 
  • Required Input - Toggles on or off to make the Form Field a required field to submit the Form.  
  • Default Selected - Toggles on or off to display the Checkbox as checked when the Form is initially loaded in an App. 
  • Half Width - Toggles on or off to determine if the Form Field spans the full width of the Form or only half of the form's width.

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