Form Builder

Forms are where Studio users create, edit, and manage forms, which can be used in any app built in the Studio. Forms enable Studio users to create a Form once and use it across multiple apps. Changes made to a form will automatically appear in any app using that form.

Each Form has the following properties:

  • Form Name - This is the name you choose for your Form. It is not displayed externally. 
  • Connected Data Source - This is the Data Source (i.e. Table Builder) where you want the data from the Form submission stored. 
  • Table - This is the specific Table within Table Builder where you want the data from the Form submission stored. This selected Table will allow you to connect each Form Field to a Column in the Table. 
  • History - Displays the History of the published changes to the Form.
  • Publish - Allows the Form to be accessible to Apps in the Studio. 
  • Form Fields - Numerous Form Fields that are available to be used in the Form. A complete list of available Form Fields is available here

Create a New Form

Login to your Studio.
Click Content in the top navigation.
Click the Green Plus Sign to build a new Form.
Enter a name for your Form and click Save.
Select the applicable Connected Data Source for the Form (i.e. Table Builder).
Select the applicable Table for the Form. The Table MUST be created prior to building the Form. 
Click the Green Plus Sign to add a Form Field to the Form.
Select the applicable Connected Data Field for the Form Field. The Connected Data Field is an existing Active Column in the Table you selected as the Connected Data Source. Each Column in the Table can only be connected to one Form Field per Form. 
Enter any other applicable Properties for the Form Field.
Add any other applicable Form Fields to the Form.
Click Publish once you're ready to make the Form available to Apps within your Studio. 

Add a Form to an App

Create or open an existing app.
Click the Edit Pencil on a Page.
Click the Green + Icon, located in the bottom right corner.
Either scroll to Form in the list, or begin typing Form to search the list.
Select Form. The Form Component will appear the bottom of the Content list in the left-hand column. The Form Properties will appear in the right-hand column. 
Select the applicable Form from the dropdown in the Form Properties. 
Stylize the Form to match the branding of your App in the Form Properties. 

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