February 26, 2020

We believe making amazing apps shouldn’t be hard or require code. That’s why our team is continually adding functionality to give you what you need to make and enhance amazing apps.

Highlights from this release:

  • Simplified App Designer. A slick new enhancement allows Studio users to drag and drop components to quickly change their app design and preview the changes immediately.
  • Ionic Web Components + Lumavate Library. We’ve brought Ionic components into the Lumavate Library and made it so they can be easily customized using properties in the Studio.
  • Lumavate Library x2. To enable marketing teams to build more faster, we’ve added numerous new components, including the ability to format rich text, create interactive images, turn on or off functionality in a live app based on date or time, and more.
  • More Navigation Options. Studio users can choose from a variety of navigation styles that make the most sense for their app, targeted demographic, and maybe most importantly, their brand.
  • Improved Branding Controls. Imagine a world where brand standards are never violated. In the Lumavate Studio, admins can ensure all apps are always, forever, without exception, utilizing the authorized brand colors and font.
  • New Integrations. Marketers can incorporate their existing tech stack into their apps with integrations such as Drift, Vidyard, YouTube, Wistia, Twillio, AWS, and Cloudinary.
  • Additional Starter Kits. Templates make things easier. Lumavate has expanded its line of Starter Kits to include apps covering the most in-demand use cases, such as content distribution, brand awareness, tradeshows, wayfinding, and surveys.

Check out the video below to learn even more about what’s included in this release!

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