Wayfinding Starter Kit

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Guide your guests to a great experience with our Wayfinding Starter Kit! With Wayfinding, you can upload your facility’s map, add unlimited locations, as well as provide the app in multiple languages. Plus, visitors can easily activate the app with location-specific QR codes or text. 

Add this Starter Kit to your Studio

Premium Starter Kits require a paid subscription plan of Standard, Professional, or Enterprise. Information about available Subscription Plans is available here

What’s Included

The Wayfinding Starter Kit provides any organization with the ability to navigate visitors around any physical space, such as a corporate campus, a hospital complex, a college campus, or an airport. The Starter Kit includes:

  • The Admin Portal, where Studio users manage the list of destinations available in the app, as well as the available routes. The Admin Portal enables Studio users to quickly update navigation routes based on construction barriers or other changes to the location. 
  • The app, what visitors use to select their starting and ending locations. App users see a step-by-step view of directions. They can also set their parking location in the app so they can find their way back when they leave. The app also connects to Google Maps, allowing visitors to plan their trip to your location from any starting point, or a pre-defined starting point, such as the airport or another corporate location.

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