Sales Enablement Starter Kit

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Equip your sales team with the tools they need to be successful using our Sales Enablement Starter Kit. Your sales team will have the latest product information, training videos, competitive intelligence, marketing resources, and more at their fingertips.

Add this Starter Kit to your Studio

When creating a new app in your Studio, click on the dropdown under Create App from Starter Kit to select which Starter Kit you want to add.

What’s Included

This nine-page app is designed for sales teams of all sizes to become their "source of truth."

  • Home - The home page is designed to help your sales team navigate to important and helpful content, as well as highlight important notices. The page includes a collapsible menu, allowing you to easily customize the content to fit your team's specific needs. The app's footer includes a link back to the home page for easy navigation, as well as an email icon that can be linked to a support email address.

  • Announcements - Post news releases, blog articles, or recent news articles to help keep your sales team up-to-date on all new news! Each card on this page can be easily linked to any external website.

  • Two Product Details Pages (named Anvil-8 and Anvil-9) - The Starter Kit includes two product detail pages that can be easily customized to ensure every sales team member has the most current product specifications.

  • Competitor Comparison - Your sales team needs the latest information about how their products stack up against the competition. This page allows your team to easily share graphics and data, ensuring your sales team is empowered to effectively communicate key differentiators.

  • Objection Selling - This page is designed to offer training resources to your field sales team. Include best practices, or update the page regularly with new content to offer a constant source of skills training.

  • Product Overview - Designed with an embedded YouTube video, this page is designed to give your sales team a reference for how to describe and discuss various products.

  • Testimonials - Every sales team wants them, every marketing team works hard to gather them. This page ensures your most precious resources, customer testimonials, are easily found and put to good use. The page incorporates embedded YouTube videos and written content.

  • Warranty Information - The main purpose of this app is to be a source of truth for a field sales team. Referencing the most current information is critical, namely when answering a customer's warranty questions. 

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