Content Starter Kit

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Keep your brand at top-of-mind for users with the Content Starter Kit. Show off product updates, new video content, your social media feeds, and upcoming training sessions. It’s the best of your brand in one place and can be used to provide community exclusive content too! 

Add this Starter Kit to your Studio

When creating a new app in your Studio, click on the dropdown under Create App from Starter Kit to select which Starter Kit you want to add.

What’s Included

This app checks all the boxes: social media integrations, dedicated podcast section, marketing collateral, and so much more. Here’s a page-by-page rundown of what you get when you add this Starter Kit to your Studio:

  • Home - The homepage is designed to draw in app visitors and help them easily navigate to the information or content they want. The homepage uses the YouTube component, but that can be easily swapped for any of our other video components, including Vimeo, Vidyard, Wistia or Brightcove.

  • App Gallery - Show off your product or a line of products in this sleek slide page design. Create a series of 10-slides that help app visitors take in a lot of information easily.

  • Facebook - Keep your app visitors in your app by bringing your Facebook content to them.
  • Twitter - Keep your app visitors in your app by bringing your Twitter content to them.
  • Marketing Resources - A place for all your blogs, infographics, thought leadership articles, and ebooks. This page helps you consolidate and communicate your most impressive materials. 

  • Podcast - Embed your brand’s podcast into your app. Don’t have a podcast? Then showcase some podcast interviews your leaders have done.

  • Product Releases - Use this page to organize your latest news. Let’s key stakeholders know about product launches, software releases, new partnerships, or anything else newsworthy.

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