Data Repeater

Data Repeater is part of the Data Visualization Component Set. It displays formatted data as indicated by the Row Template and Row Template CSS in the Component. 

Add a Data Repeater to a Page

Create or open an existing app.
Click the Edit Pencil on a Page.
Click the Green + Icon, located in the bottom right corner.
Either scroll to Data Repeater in the list or begin typing Data Repeater to search the list. 
Select Data Repeater. The Data Repeater Component will appear at the bottom of the Content list in the left-hand column. The Data Repeater Properties will appear in the right-hand column.

Data Repeater Properties

The Data Repeater Component has the following properties:

  • Component Id - Sets the name of the Data Repeater Component in the app. The Component Id can be referenced using JavaScript to add more functionality to the app as needed.

    Pro Tip: It is a best practice to use only letters without spaces for the Component Id. Symbols, spaces, and numbers are not recommended.
  • Row Template - Sets the template each row of data uses. To replace values with data properties, wrap the value to be replaced with braces {value}. The value entered between { } should match the Data Store value exactly, with no added spaces.
  • Row Template CSS - Sets the CSS classes in the Row Template.
  • Direction - Sets the layout for the data. Choose from the dropdown: Repeat Horizontally or Repeat Vertically. 

Data Repeater Placement Settings

The Placement Settings for the Component sets which column(s) the Component will appear. Each Page of the app can have a different number of columns that are set in the Layout section of the Page Settings. The following Placement settings are available for this Component:

  • Column Start - Sets the column where the Component will start. 
  • Column Span - Sets how many columns the Component will span. 
  • Padding - Sets how much space will appear on the top, bottom, left, and right of the Component. When building a Page with multiple Components, the Padding will determine the overall spacing between Components.
  • Display Mode - Sets how the Component is displayed. If Both is selected, the Component will always show. Both are the default option. If Optimal is selected, the Component will only show if the browser supports the app. The main supported browsers are Chrome and Safari. If Degraded is selected, the Component will only show if the browser does not support the app. The main unsupported browser is Internet Explorer.

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